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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who or what is the NLI?

What titles does NLI licence cover?

Why have you contacted our company?

We don’t photocopy and/or scan information from these newspapers

We do photocopy and/or scan information from these newspapers

Our company is located in Northern Ireland, should we still purchase a licence from you?

How are the licence fees decided?

Not all of our employees work in the office or use information from your member titles; will they still need to be included in the headcount?

How much are the licence fees?

What happens if we do photocopy and/or scan information but don’t purchase a licence?

What if we want to copy from a newspaper that isn’t a member of NLI?

Will a licence permit us to photocopy and/or scan sections or cuttings from newspapers outside Ireland?

How long does the licence last for?

Will the NLI contact me when my licence is due for renewal?

Can we terminate the agreement?

What type of companies have NLI licensed?

We purchase a number of your listed titles on a regular basis. Why should we also have to pay for a licence on top of this?

We don’t copy information from your listed newspaper titles on a regular basis; will we still require a licence?

We already have a licence from the Newspaper Licensing Agency in the UK. We assume we don’t need a licence from NLI.

Our PR agency/Media Monitor copies information from newspapers for us. They have a licence from NLI; we assume we won’t need one